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I am a qualified supervisor, with a diploma in clinical and creative supervision. I work both with trainee counsellors and experienced therapists.

My perspective as a supervisor is relational.   To me a supervision session like a rich tapestry of interconnecting weaves, in which we explore your clients’ challenges , how this might be impacting you, and how this might be impacting us in the supervision session. We will explore this in an embodied way, bringing our awareness to the 'felt sense' in our bodies. We will explore different perspectives, different approaches,  and out of our creative collaboration an enriching dialogue will ensue.  You, first and foremost are the ‘tool’ in your work, and my aim is to fully support you in re-sourcing yourself in these sessions, so that you may leave feeling inspired.

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Supervision with Hélène was both challenging and liberating at the same time. She was very strongly rooted in her own practice, which allowed me to feel grounded within my own, maximising my potential and authenticity as a counsellor.

I felt inspired by our sessions, and because I felt safe and empowered, I was able to fully explore being creative, melding alternative approaches into my own when appropriate. She was at all times very professional, and has been one of the best supervisors I have had.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Claire Rice ~ University, and Dance⁄Music College Counsellor.

Supervision with Helene is a rewarding and rich explorative experience of the different layers of relationship and 'being' that are taking place in the client/therapist and supervisee/supervisor spaces and connections.

Helene offers a deeply reflective approach to supervision, sharing her insights and feelings, probing and asking questions sensitively, to encourage a deepening of awareness and understanding of the therapeutic process. She is easy to engage with, and warm and supportive in manner.


I have benefited greatly from supervision with Helene, and I feel I have experienced the relationship on two levels; as an equal and as a student. Helene has made me feel that I can bring issues to her and has guided me through finding my own answers as opposed to an authoritarian approach. She has been encouraging of my abilities yet has also offered advice on alternative approaches. I have also been encouraged to be aware of issues that may and have been brought up for me during the process of counselling and Helene has offered a safe environment to process these issues when needed. I feel I have not only gained invaluable knowledge from Helene but I have also gained the ability to trust my own decisions and my own counselling abilities.

Bev Jackson, counselling trainee.