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the Metamorphic Technique...

About the Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique is a simple practice that provides an environment in which we can transform feelings of limitation and move into an experience of greater freedom, and into new possibilities of who we are...

a new level of confidence and trust in life is also often felt as a person experiences for themselves the impetus of their life force

I use a light touch on your feet, hands and head, without having any intentions or outcomes for you in mind. I thus provide an environment free of direction in which you can just 'be'.  Your life force, guided by its innate intelligence, is free to move unimpeded out of old, repetitive patterns, into new forms that are a truer expression of who you are.

Your feet, hands and head are a reflection of the whole human being, and as I touch them I am touching the essence of life and its innate intelligence.  At the same time the areas I touch reflect a time-line corresponding to your development in the womb.  As I touch your feet, hands and head, I am also touching a beginning time for you, when both your potential and patterns were first seeded.

Transformation, or the movement from one form into another more complex, subtler form, is a natural, spontaneous movement happening all around us in every day life.  It requires no direction on our part.  However, our minds tend to put up obstacles in the way of our own transformation.  I am offering a context in which these obstacles can be put aside, and the life within you can express itself as it wishes to - just as the acorn, falling to earth,  draws what it needs from the soil, and guided by its life force, knows exactly how to grow into an oak tree.

The  caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, the acorn into the oak. We find ourselves operating at a new level of being, in a new context…

* The butterfly was already inherent in the caterpillar,
    the oak in the acorn.

* Transformation is the natural unfolding of
    who we are.

*Layers of beliefs and patterns that mask
    our essential reality loosen and fall away.

The Metamorphic Technique is not a therapy, nor do I as practitioner treat symptoms or specific conditions. I do not focus on removing energy blockages, but offer an environment in which you can experience your own life force at work. As any changes originate from within you, you can also experience a sense of your own autonomy.

What happens in a session?

I use a light touch on the sides of your feet, hands and head, and provide a space where you can ‘just be’. Some people may wish to talk, while others may enjoy taking time out.
A session usually lasts an hour. I can also offer 30 minute sessions.

Benefits of the metamorphic technique

You may be going through a period of transition and sensing changes afoot:  You could be pregnant, moving house, changing career, experiencing relationship difficulties, a bereavement or illness.  You could be feeling stuck or anxious, frustrated by repeating patterns of behaviour in your life.  You might be fed up with people trying to fix or cure you.  You might want to make deep inner changes without talking about it.  You may want to experience being at one with yourself.

After sessions people have reported significant changes to their emotional, physical and mental well-being, or shifts  in their life situation.  Anxieties have been released as they have experienced life from a new perspective, and transitions have felt easier to navigate.

People have often experienced feeling more energised, or profoundly relaxed.  They have expressed feeling re-sourced from a deep level of being, and have felt a new sense of self in their daily lives.

Time and again people receiving sessions have felt that they are living out more of their potential.  A new level of confidence and trust in life is also often felt as a person experiences for themselves the impetus of their life force.

Metamorphic Technique

What people say about the
Metamorphic Technique…

“Thousands who have experienced the technique affirm that life is never quite the same once you step onto the metamorphic path.”

Jane Alexander ~ Daily Mail

“…it was this little known technique that dramatically changed my life for the better and set me on the road to improved wellbeing.”

Susan Clark ~ Journalist for national newspaper

“I still don’t know exactly how the Metamorphic Technique works, apart from the fact that it transformed me! It has changed me from someone who was fearful of life to someone who’s embracing it.”

Actor Des Hamilton, interviewed for The Evening Standard

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The Metamorphic technique is a deceptively simple yet extremely powerful method that can unblock and bring awareness to deep-seated issues. It is also very relaxing for the system.
A few minutes into a session I recently had I found myself facing a core issue after what seemed like just a gentle stroking of my foot. This gentleness plus the calm presence of Helene helped me to stay present and focused and allow insight into the issue as well as a fundamental shift in the way I perceived it.
I recommend this healing technique highly.

Smita Tomalin

“I was introduced the to the Metamorphic Technique through Hélène offering my son and me the gift of a session in response to a huge crisis in my son's life. He was born with significant damage to his kidney, bowels and bladder, and at the age of 10 was having to learn, and make a part of his life, a difficult new procedure; and to make sense of his differences in relation to his peers and to the rest of his life. He was anxious, unhappy and ill at ease with himself.

An hour after his session he stopped what he was doing, turned to me and said ‘I feel peaceful’. As his mother I had felt powerless to help him with this heavy burden, but after learning the basics and attending a weekend course with Hélène, I feel able to help in some little way, and equally important to me, to offer the same light touch and opportunity for oneness and peace to his sister as well.

I cannot really put into words how much the Metamorphic Technique has smoothed and oiled our day to day living on many different levels. Thank you Hélène, it really was a valuable gift.”


I stepped into the unknown to a degree when I experienced the Metamorphic technique with Helene. I had 3 sessions and found myself going deeply within and without on many levels from the physical to the spiritual and Universal and all the in betweens. I found myself in the womb at one point and at other times experienced confirmation and clarity as to where I have come from and where I am heading on my life journey. At times I went so deep I don't know where I was yet all the time I felt safe and held in a beautiful loving space and energy. Thankyou Hélène.

Emma Meadows, shamanic practitioner.

A friend of mine suggested that I have some sessions of metamorphic technique as I was having difficulty getting over the breakdown of my relationship with my ex. It had been nine years since we broke up and my feelings of anger about being left with a new born baby all those years ago wouldn't leave me. Although I had tried very hard to move on emotionally, I felt stuck.

I had some sessions with Hélène and since then I have found that my feelings have moved out and I feel so much better. This has manifested in my reacting very differently to situations with my ex that would have previously upset me. I now feel freed from the emotional hangover that I had and I believe that on some level it has freed him too. A tension that was there between us has dissipated.

This has improved my relationship not only with my ex, but also with my current partner. I feel some issues of trust have been resolved. I have no doubt that these changes are down to my Metamorphic technique sessions.


“I have attended Helene’s care for about a year and I have to say that there have been great changes in my life during this time. The philosophy of the Metamorphic Technique of bringing about one’s potential in life has manifested itself in mine in a profound way within the last year. Unexpected, happy occurrences have taken place and I am much less fretful about my life than I used to be. Big changes have taken place in my attitude towards life which has brought about a beautiful sense of calm. I believe that these changes are largely due to my sessions with Hélène”.


In both sessions the gentle, tenderness of your touch evoked a deep sensitivity. In the first, the one on the sofa, this conjured up memories of the magic, freedom and wonder of childhood, before the 'coarseness' of all the superimposed ideas about how I was 'supposed' to be took hold. In the second, when lying down, the sensitivity gave rise to a sadness for how we ignore the boundless joy of being and seemingly lock ourselves up in a straight jacket of physical tension and mental suffering. This sadness was couched within a deeper sense of utter contentment and even laughter at the wonder of it all.

James Eaton, non-duality teacher.

“Your very subtle and light touch on my feet, hands and head opened me into a deep space of bliss, touching a place in me that had been really stuck – and allowed it to move, without even needing to understand what that was. After just one session I felt like I was being born – and so present and alive that I could just get on with my work.”


I have experienced trauma in my life and have had difficulties in the past in being able to trust touch as part of the healing process, but the Metamorphic Technique is extremely gentle and not invasive in any way, and I felt very safe and able to completely relax during sessions. The sessions seemed to flow easily - sometimes we talked, sometimes there was silence, but above all there was space for healing to occur.

I highly recommend Hélène as a facilitator of this gentle, natural process.


I have received the metamorphic technique quite regularly during the last two years, and it still amazes me how such a gentle touch can go so deep. It feels calming and nurturing and usually I can feel its effect the following day when there is a definitive improvement from the symptoms I have suffered from. The last time in particular, I had the session in the evening, I was feeling feverish  and unwell with flu symptoms, in the morning I was surprised to wake up feeling symptom free and re-energized.



Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is self-empowering. It enables you to steer your own path. The technique can be received on its own or alongside conventional or complementary approaches.  

Pregnant mothers, and ill and dying people, as well as all those going through life's transitions,  have felt greatly supported by this work, as they move from one way of being to another.

Families and couples have benefited from practising this easy to learn technique on each other, and have found that family life can be 'smoothed and oiled on many different levels' as old dynamics shift.  Underneath it all, a beautiful 'known' connection can be rested in.  Children often love and respond to this contact, and parents feel empowered in offering it to them.

The Metamorphic Technique has also been shared  with both adults and children with special needs. It has also been used in hospitals, prisons, and with people who have addictions, eating disorders and stress-related conditions.

How many sessions will I need?

You are free to receive sessions according to your own preferences and needs.

You may like to have sessions weekly or fortnightly, or when you feel the need.

How was it developed?

The Metamorphic Technique has its origins in the work of Robert St. John, a British naturopath and reflexologist. He named his body of work Metamorphosis.

Gaston Saint Pierre, founder of the Metamorphic Association, studied and worked with Robert St John in the 1970's. He saw the potential for the development of a practical tool that could easily be integrated into every day life, and which would allow for the realisation of our potential. He went on to further develop the work and created the term ‘The Metamorphic Technique’ to distinguish the new direction his work was taking.