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Unity, Love, Humanity and
The Metamorphic Technique

My experience of giving Metamorphic sessions is that its practice is an entry point for love. It always is, and it is always there.

Recently I was doing a client’s feet, and we had a session in silence. The client is a woman who works in the healing arts with the breath, and with the fluid body through movement. During the session, I had the experience of time letting go into eternity in a very tangible way. The atmosphere was one of depth, gravity and a silence that had a texture of an altogether different medium from the one we normally swim in. I looked at the clock a number of times, and still, there was more time for her first foot!! The session stretched out…………

At the end, my client let out a deep sigh, and said ‘what a relief to completely let go of relating. I spend all my time relating!!’ This made me realise that the space we had been in was that of Unity. In Unity there is no relating, there is no giving and receiving, there is no you and me. In fact our ‘we’ had retreated, and Unity just was, and just is. (Incidentally I bumped into this woman a few days ago – she remembers nothing about the session!)

There is something about touching someone’s feet, hands and head that evokes for me the experience of humility, kindness and tenderness. Perhaps I register the kindness particularly when I am working on someone’s hands, and the tenderness when I am doing their head. So the humility? I’m not sure, it would be convenient to allocate it to the feet, but maybe I feel it in more of an all round sense. All these words of course are aspects of love.

So a sense of humility is evoked in me, and inherent in humility is the recognition of our humanness. In the depth of this recognition we are ultimately always brought back to Unity.

And so what is my experience of receiving sessions? It is harder to talk about, because I seem to be less consciously linked in than when I am giving sessions. Often I am talking quite a lot. But I always feel ‘gathered’, lighter, and held in love by the end of a session. On numerous occasions I have entered another space whilst my head has been worked on.

However receiving sessions has had a huge impact on my life.

I have been receiving regular Metamorphic sessions since my first workshop in M.T. in June two years ago. Just over a year ago I had a dream which is pertinent to what I am talking about, so I shall mention it here:

I was in an area where I live, which I had never been to before. In fact, I didn’t know it existed. It was much more crowded, and full of stalls, and reminded me of what an Indian town might look like. It was ramshackle and exciting. I passed a building with an open door to it, so I looked inside. To my surprise it was an old church, with a wonderful light yellowy golden beige hue to the stone. Carved tombs in the shape of bodies were being excavated. A quickening arose in me, and I went inside. To my surprise at the altar were two carvings of a left and a right foot, carved out of a dark grey stone, and mounted on stands. The left foot was larger than the right one. The soles of the feet were facing the pews, not the altar.

This was a very significant dream for me. It was affirming to me that my humanness (which includes my body), is Godliness, that God is I, and is not to be found in any object projected outside of me, as separate from me.

It was a dream of integration, of bringing together spirit and matter.

In deeply recognising the sacredness of my humanity, I come back to Unity. Incidentally, almost exactly a year later in February this year, I did go to India for the first time, (totally unthought-of the year before). I climbed to the top of a holy mountain called Arunachala, which is worshipped as an embodiment of Shiva, (the Creator God, and God of Fire), and there I came across two feet, carved in stone and dark grey, because of the fire which is burnt on them once a year in a Shiva celebration, with the left one being bigger than the right one!

My Indian trip this year was related to an experience I had last November. I went to see a spiritual teacher called Mooji in Brixton, whom I had seen and heard of for the first time that July, and in whom I had immediately recognised Grace, Unity and Devotion in action. As he asked someone: ‘Can the seer be seen?’ and encouraged them right in that moment to look for themselves, I looked inside and could find nothing but space. As Mooji says, he calls this his piranha question as it devours the seeker alive. I had an experience of everything falling away, of the most joyous freefall, of liberation, and HUGE relief. I came to Ground Zero. I came to the recognition of what I really am. Which brings me back to Unity, beyond the concept of ‘Hélène’ as a separate solid entity.

The M&Ms, (the Metamorphic Technique and Mooji!) arose in my consciousness within a year of each other.

When I first saw a few people touching Mooji’s feet, I felt embarrassed, uncomfortable. In April this year I had a feeling, which I did not follow, to do this myself. The discomfort had vanished and was replaced by a deep gratitude for this being who in utter generosity has handed me back my Self. Because of the strength of his connection to Unity, there has been nothing of himself in the way. I realise that in bowing to his feet, I am bowing to myself.

We are all one in Unity.

Hélène Demetriades
Metamorphic Technique practitioner and teacher