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about Hélène…

I am an experienced BACP senior accredited counsellor and psychotherapist, a qualified supervisor, and a Metamorphic Technique teacher  based near Totnes in South Devon…

What I offer...

Psychotherapy & Counselling

I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions, as well as couples counselling and Skype online sessions.

Metamorphic Technique & Courses

I offer Metamorphic Technique sessions to individuals, couples, and to parents and their children.  I also run two day workshops, teaching both the practice and the theory behind it.  


 I am a qualified supervisor, and work both with trainee counsellors and experienced therapists; with individuals and with groups.  


Born in London, I spent eight years of my childhood in the Swiss Alps. My family then returned to England. I studied english literature at university, and trained as an actor.  Following this I worked in the theatre for a number of years.

I qualified with a diploma in Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal form of psychotherapy, at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London in 1998.  I also hold a diploma in supervision.

 Over the years I have worked with a wide range of clients from diverse backgrounds. For some years I worked as a university counsellor for students at Goldsmiths College in London, where I offered individual and group therapy, and supervision to trainee counsellors.  I have also worked for many years in private practice. 

I realise that
in all my work I have been drawn to exploring the simple meeting in being with another

For sixteen years I studied with Hilmar Schonauer, both individually and within a group, working with meditation, healing and development, using specific practices to connect with the biological, emotional, and what we can call spiritual aspects of my energy body/aura. This led me to deeply open to the reality of my own experience and to my naturalness. I discovered the wisdom inherent in this connection, beyond theoretical models. It was through this teaching that I developed my love of dreams and my facility for working with them.

During this time I also trained in spiritual healing, and in connected, or rebirthing breathwork.

I also developed an interest in a particular way of working with my hands, a practice called the Metamorphic Technique. (More details on another page).    I trained extensively with Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder of the Technique, and am a practitioner and teacher member of the Metamorphic Association.

I realise that in all my work I have been drawn to exploring the simple meeting in being with another, which allows us to experience the reality of who we are.

 I have been deeply influenced and touched by meetings with particular teachers of non-duality, and have come to the recognition that as 'I' let go, what remains is the love that always is, and the unity that is our backdrop.

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Hélène has helped me to make really important transformations in my life. I've been able to establish a deep base of trust with her, from which it has been possible to safely explore the fears and habitual reactions that have limited my life. These habits of fear and anxiety were developed over a lifetime, but Hélène's sensitivity, kindness and calm, combined with her non-judgemental insight have enabled me to make immensely significant and positive personal changes.

Through the work with Hélène I have gained insight into my anxieties and negative reactions, so that I now feel much greater trust in myself, in other people and in life itself. My interactions with other people have become much more open and secure, whereas before I found it very hard to trust others and to interact comfortably with them. I'm really fortunate to have worked with such a caring, dependable and generous practitioner.


Hélène works with infinite compassion and patience, listening on levels which I could never begin to imagine myself. She becomes the most magical mirror in which I can see myself more clearly. A session with her always leaves me feeling calmer and more able to decide what I may or may not do next to sort myself out".

Tanga O, SE London.

It became very clear to me early on that Hélène is an exceptionally gifted counsellor.

She has an unusual combination of qualities, both personally and professionally that enable her to work very deeply with a wide range of clients

Anne Geraghty Ph.D, M.Sc.Clin.Psych.
Author of ‘How Loving Relationships Work’ & ’Death the Last God’

 Hélène, thank you for your continued encouragement and for your incredible ability to help me to find my path in life. I came to you as a student and in a state of confusion to understand “who I am” and the world around me. You helped me to gain perspective and to propel me into a being, the person that I always have been. You are a natural healer and very intuitive. Through your warmth and compassion,  you created  a safe space for me to open up and speak about issues that I couldn't share with others. You have an extraordinary healing energy and you are an uplifting person to be around. The journey with you has been extraordinary for me and you have made me become aware of my own values and appreciate my own well-being. I will always value what I have learnt from you and this will always remain with me.


She wears planets around her neck.
“Venetian glass”, she says.
But I understand what she really means.
Silence befalls the room
And lifts it
Closing my eyes, we Become
Part of the Cosmos.


Hélène teaching

Hélène teaching by participant
Frances Burke Thompson.