Presence is a quality that arises when we are present to what is here right now.  When we are present there is also a certain stillness that arises whatever else may be going on in the foreground.



What does this mean for the Counselling relationship?


When we sense, feel and listen to our clients (or others) in this way, and to ourselves in that space, as well as to what is arising between us, the potential for healing is enormous.  We are in a space that is alive with life’s intelligence and power.


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With kind permission I include this story here, which illustrates how receiving and practising the Metamorphic Technique within a family can offer the opportunity for a deep releasing of patterns between family members. In this story we see a beautiful unfolding connection between mother and son.


It also illustrates the tremendous support the Metamorphic Technique can offer in times of crisis. With this practice at our fingertips, anywhere, anytime, we are no longer helpless.

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