The earth loosens the husk of the acorn, but it is the life within the acorn that urges it on to become an oak tree.


As a practitioner of the Metamorphic Technique, I lightly touch a client’s feet,hands and head, along an area which reflects a particular moment in time, that of the pre-natal period, from pre-conception to birth, when all our characteristics and accompanying influences start to anchor themselves.


As I lightly move along the sides of the feet, hands and head, with no particular intentions or outcomes in mind, I am nonetheless loosening a time frame.  Just like the earth loosens the husk of the acorn.



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Detachment and the Metamorphic Technique



In the practise of the Metamorphic Technique we offer our clients an environment free of direction.  We notice the facts, we acknowledge their presence, and we let them be.  In other words we practise detachment.


In letting be, we are present to what is arising, without any resistance to it.  This allows the beauty at the core of what is arising to be revealed, (in its own time), by life’s intelligence.  We can practise this letting be in our daily lives too, and experience the wonder of life’s fluid expression:  for instance, we may notice waves of disgust arising for us, which if not interfered with by thoughts of judgement, give way to a deep sense of love. 



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Unity of Being




As a small child, I lived in a beautiful village nestled in the Alps.  A few years ago, as I looked at a picture of an alpine flower, I felt a familiarity and a remembrance wash over me.  An intensity and vibrancy of connection was felt, as I experienced a global connectedness with this flower; we were not separate.  A recognition arose that this was how I knew the world as a five year old.  The intense loss I had subsequently felt in leaving the Alps a few years later now made even greater sense to me. 



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“I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time”.


Carl Jung



Change happens in space, time and matter.  Transformation happens out of space, time and matter.   What exactly do I mean by out of space, time, and matter?


This is an area beyond the normal confines of time, matter and locality.  It is a reality we are reminded of when synchronistic happenings occur.  It is an area beyond cause and effect, in which we become aware of a sense of non-separation or unity in life.   It is an energy and information field which quantum physicists have recognised as  the zero-point field.


The Metamorphic Technique acts as a seeming bridge between the world of matter, and this area seemingly out of space, time and matter.  (In truth, these worlds live within each other).  It appears that in matter we make changes, out of matter we transform. 

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The Heart & Transformation

Last year during one of my Metamorphic Technique workshops, one of my lovely participants had this dream, which she shared on the second morning.  I share it here with her kind permission.


“Last night I kept dreaming that we were moving house.  Every house we moved into burnt down.  Finally we came to this last house, which also went up in flames.  All that was left was the central part, which had four chambers.  It couldn’t be burned down because it was built out of stone.”


As I heard this, I thought “ the heart has four chambers!”

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