I have an eleven year old daughter, soon to be twelve.  Last month she had her first bleed. 


I was so grateful to be here and present for her, (having only just returned 3 days earlier from being with my father for his 103 birthday in Switzerland).  I was so delighted, that after a morning of scrambling and getting muddy on Dartmoor, and then coming home, she called out to me  ‘Mum!  Come here!  It’s important!’  It was the evening before the full moon, and that night we went outside together, to bathe in the light of this fulsome planet, who’s form changes daily in its monthly cycle.  


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Transformation of Relationships


One of the wonderful benefits of sharing the Metamorphic Technique is that you may notice your relationships transforming!  


Two years after learning the Technique and becoming a practitioner, I gave my first session to my elderly Dad.  We had had a very challenging relationship as I grew up, and in a real sense we have lived ‘centuries apart”.  He is a Greek from Turkey, born over a century ago now.  A despot in my experience, and gentle touch had never been part of our relationship.  



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The mind is always seeking answers and trying to fix things, but if we take time to surrender to our hearts, a deeper knowing reveals itself, connected to the very pulse of life.  This knowing is the pure intelligence of life, and when we surrender our need to be in control of life, and stop driving ourselves with doing, to prove that we are okay, and deserving of love, we start to open to the reality that we are Life itself, that we are LOVE itself, (synonymous with life), rather than a fragment within it.  As we open to this unbelievable  (beyond belief) wholeness that we are, we find ourselves opening to the answers, choices and flow of life that we are.

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I have noticed that people receiving sessions of the Metamorphic Technique often have significant dreams.  On the second day of my workshops we always spend some time sharing the dream symbolism and experience that may have arisen for us the night before.  One of my favourite dreams was of a participant who kept moving house, but each time she moved the house caught fire and was burnt to the ground.  Finally the last house also burnt down, leaving a central room built out of stone and divided into four chambers.  Another dream arose the morning after the workshop was finished.  In a semi-conscious state the participant dreamt she could feel a key dangling on a string down her throat.  She pulled it up, and at once started to throw up a thick black tarry substance, which kept tumbling out.  After this her ‘insides felt clean and smooth, like the inside of a well’.



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“I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time”.


Carl Jung



Change happens in space, time and matter.  Transformation happens out of space, time and matter.   What exactly do I mean by out of space, time, and matter?


This is an area beyond the normal confines of time, matter and locality.  It is a reality we are reminded of when synchronistic happenings occur.  It is an area beyond cause and effect, in which we become aware of a sense of non-separation or unity in life.   It is an energy and information field which quantum physicists have recognised as  the zero-point field.


The Metamorphic Technique acts as a seeming bridge between the world of matter, and this area seemingly out of space, time and matter.  (In truth, these worlds live within each other).  It appears that in matter we make changes, out of matter we transform. 

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