I have an eleven year old daughter, soon to be twelve.  Last month she had her first bleed. 


I was so grateful to be here and present for her, (having only just returned 3 days earlier from being with my father for his 103 birthday in Switzerland).  I was so delighted, that after a morning of scrambling and getting muddy on Dartmoor, and then coming home, she called out to me  ‘Mum!  Come here!  It’s important!’  It was the evening before the full moon, and that night we went outside together, to bathe in the light of this fulsome planet, who’s form changes daily in its monthly cycle.  


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Transformation of Relationships


One of the wonderful benefits of sharing the Metamorphic Technique is that you may notice your relationships transforming!  


Two years after learning the Technique and becoming a practitioner, I gave my first session to my elderly Dad.  We had had a very challenging relationship as I grew up, and in a real sense we have lived ‘centuries apart”.  He is a Greek from Turkey, born over a century ago now.  A despot in my experience, and gentle touch had never been part of our relationship.  



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With kind permission I include this story here, which illustrates how receiving and practising the Metamorphic Technique within a family can offer the opportunity for a deep releasing of patterns between family members. In this story we see a beautiful unfolding connection between mother and son.


It also illustrates the tremendous support the Metamorphic Technique can offer in times of crisis. With this practice at our fingertips, anywhere, anytime, we are no longer helpless.

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