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Transformation of Relationships


Transformation of Relationships


One of the wonderful benefits of sharing the Metamorphic Technique is that you may notice your relationships transforming!  


Two years after learning the Technique and becoming a practitioner, I gave my first session to my elderly Dad.  We had had a very challenging relationship as I grew up, and in a real sense we have lived ‘centuries apart”.  He is a Greek from Turkey, born over a century ago now.  A despot in my experience, and gentle touch had never been part of our relationship.  


I had already let go of so much around him when I came to the Metamorphic Technique, and yet when I offered him that first session, something magical seemed to happen between us.  Suddenly I felt him soften towards me, and a new sense of trust opened up.  On that first occasion he shared a dream with me that he had had during the war, in which he had ‘left his body, was free floating in the air, and everything was golden’.  I had never heard my father express such sentiments before!


 Every time I went to stay with him over the next few years,  (he lives abroad), I would give him a session.   The softening and relaxation between us continued. 


I have been so grateful in these last two months to have been able to offer him this touch, as in his 103 year his health has rapidly and suddenly deteriorated, and he is now coming to the end of his life bound to a wheelchair and helpless. 


I moved him with difficulty into a nursing home the other day, and I cherish those moments we had together sitting out in the gardens in the sun, with him telling me ‘to get on with my business’ as he offered me his foot! 

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