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The practice of the Metamorphic Technique takes us into the heart of Life's intelligence


The mind is always seeking answers and trying to fix things., but if we take time to surrender to our hearts, a deeper knowing reveals itself, connected to the very pulse of life.  This knowing is the pure intelligence of life, and when we surrender our need to be in control of life, and stop driving ourselves with doing, to prove that we are okay, and deserving of love, we start to open to the reality that WE ARE LIFE ITSELF, that we are LOVE itself, (synonymous with life), rather than a fragment within it.  As we open to this unbelievable  (beyond belief) wholeness that we are, we find ourselves opening to the answers, choices and flow of life that we are.


In my previous blog, I wrote about the transformational dreams people have after receiving Metamorphic Technique sessions.  As I reflect on their imagery, I am struck by one thing:  each dream in its own way, and with its own imagery centres around the heart, because of course that is where transformation is both initiated and embraced.   We had a fresh well, (depth of feeling), a four chambered room still intact in the midst of raging fire, and layers of wet black clothing peeled off from the chest area, unveiling a billowing pastel green top underneath.


When a person receives a session of the Metamorphic Technique, it is the Life or Love that they are that transforms their experience, by unveiling more of who they are.  The practitioner provides the environment by acting as the earth for the seed of the client; it is the session itself, the meeting of practitioner and client through the practise of gently touching the sides of their feet, hands and head, that acts as a catalyst to this unveiling of the beauty and possibilities that they are.



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