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Dreams of Transformation & the Metamorphic Technique


I have noticed that people receiving sessions of the Metamorphic Technique often have significant dreams.  On the second day of my workshops we always spend some time sharing the dream symbolism and experience that may have arisen for us the night before.  One of my favourite dreams was of a participant who kept moving house, but each time she moved the house caught fire and was burnt to the ground.  Finally the last house also burnt down, leaving a central room built out of stone and divided into four chambers.  Another dream arose the morning after the workshop was finished.  In a semi-conscious state the participant dreamt she could feel a key dangling on a string down her throat.  She pulled it up, and at once started to throw up a thick black tarry substance, which kept tumbling out.  After this her ‘insides felt clean and smooth, like the inside of a well’.


Receiving a session of the Metamorphic Technique acts as a catalyst to our own life-force, and we will often notice, sooner or later, transformational forces at work in our lives.  Sometimes these changes are dramatic, sometimes so subtle, that we don’t notice anything in particular, but just feel more fully ourselves.


In the first dream we have the fire of transformation, burning away unneeded securities to reveal the indestructible four -chambered heart at the core of our being.  In the second dream the finding of a key catalyses the release of waste to reveal a clean well .   Wells are a powerful symbol of life and of depth of feeling,  and of course we have a play on words here, so that we also have a suggestion of ‘wellness’! 

 I am reminded of a dream I had myself after a Metamorphic Technique session in which I experienced a very strong activation around my chest area and heart centre.  In the dream I was drenched, and kept on peeling off layers of wet, black clothing, hoping that I would find a dry garment underneath.  Eventually I reached my naked skin, and went to my wardrobe to put on a light green gently billowing top, with a white pattern on it.   I was literally peeling off layers of the unknown, (blackness), in order to come into a new contact with, and expression from my heart.  (The  billowing green top). 

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