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About Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions.

Sessions usually last for one hour. We start off by having an initial session to get to know each other, and for you to get a sense of how comfortable you feel with working with me. 

The frequency of any further sessions will be dependent on what you feel is right for you. Weekly sessions are helpful, and I also see clients fortnightly. At times I have seen people twice weekly, and other people monthly.  

I  see people short-term, that is for a few sessions, and I  see people long-term, which can be for some years. I don’t suggest a specific number of sessions and a client is free to stop coming for sessions at any time.

Telephone Counselling & Skype Online Counselling

I have experience of offering both telephone and Skype counselling for clients who live a long way away, or who are unable to travel.

Couples Counselling

 Sessions usually last for 90 minutes.  Please see the Psychotherapy & Counselling page for further details.


I offer supervision to individuals and groups, and have experience supervising counselling course trainees, as well as experienced therapists.

Metamorphic Technique sessions

I usually offer one hour sessions of the Metamorphic Technique. I can also offer half-hour sessions.

I also offer one and half hour parent and child, and couples sessions’, in which instruction is given on how to continue to use the technique at home.

The technique involves a very light touch on the sides of a clients’ feet, hands and head. The client remains fully clothed, apart from taking off their socks, (though even this is not essential), and sits on a comfortable reclining chair. For further information please see separate section above.

Metamorphic Technique Courses

I run a 12 hour training in the Metamorphic Technique, usually held over two days. In the workshops we explore the principles behind the Technique, and participants get lots of time to practice on each other.  This training is suitable for those wanting to become practitioners, and for those who simply want to practise on friends and family.

I also run a one day fundamentals workshop on demand.  (Minimum of two people).  On this workshop you will learn how to give a session to friends and family, and explore some of the theory behind the Technique. 

Although sceptical in the beginning I found the experience incredibly worthwhile and enjoyed your insight and input.

To use an analogy from my job our meetings became a "rest stop or service station" a place of refuge and calm and has truly helped us in understanding each other and how to communicate more effectively.


I came to Helene suffering from long term stress and work related depression. After trying many therapies which didn't quite provide a solution (anti depressants, CBT, traditional counselling), my journey felt never ending and I felt that there was no light at the end of the tunnel It came to the point where I felt no longer able to go on the way I was living.

From my first session, I have always been given a very warm welcome and Helene is very understanding and never makes you feel that your troubles are unimportant. The sessions are very peaceful, warm and calm. Helene has enabled me to find an inner confidence and to listen to what my body and mind needs. She has taught me valuable methods of coping with feelings and emotions, being able to experience them then letting go without being overcome by them.

Not only have I been able to have a better work-home balance, I have also improved my relationship with my husband, children and parents, and have a much clearer picture of what is important to me in my life. I also feel I have developed a stronger inner confidence and am more able to identify with my own wants and needs rather than living a life others expect.


I know that the journey is not over, however I continue to use this new knowledge and adapt it to new life experiences as they happen. I remain in a stressful, professional role however this is no longer the person that I am, this is just a career. I now have many additional interests that are more attuned to the person I want to be and I am happy with the path I am now on.

Joanne Morgan.

I was in therapy with Helene for approximately 10 years with a few breaks throughout this time. One thing that I really appreciated was the flexible approach she offered me. I always felt the work was led by me and I could discuss whatever I needed to without feeling judged. Helene helped me to shed so much light on things and was there for me at every step of the way.

Helene helped me to see the simple reality of my innocence and how to empower myself in every day endeavors allowing for a deep connection with life to develop. It's easy to say that this connection wouldn't have been as fully realized had I never met Helene and spent so many hours thinking about and discussing such vital matters.

I am forever grateful to her for supporting me in such ways and remember our counseling fondly.


The Counselling Service which Helene provides has been an eye opener in many sense in regards to how counselling can be conducted. Helene"s approach is very wholesome and if I should say "eastward-looking". This I have found absolutely fascinating and very helpful to my particular problems, much more so then the all the other so-called standard counselling which I have received.

I feel that Helene"s counselling service supports excellently the Metamorphic Technique which she provides. Also I want to mention our discussions about the dreams that I"ve had; the analysis which Helene has provided me with has helped a great deal in coming to understand the unconscious workings of the mind. I have come to understand, through working with Helene that these interpretations are extremely valuable material for an individual trying to start to build up a cohesive sense of self.



  • Individual counselling ⁄ psychotherapy -£45
  • Supervision per hour£45
  • 90 minute couple's counselling session£65
  • Metamorphic Technique£45
  • 90 minute shared M T session£65
  • 30 minute child M T session£20
  • Some concessions are available 
  • Metamorphic Technique two day workshop£155
  • Metamorphic Technique one day  basics workshop£75